Video Game Tattoo Designs

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Trato hecho?


urban dictionary has saved me from asking so many awkward questions

I love Helena because I feel like as much as she is crazy, her upbringing was so vital to who she was. I think because she was trained as a killer and ripped of her humanity, even in those kind of circumstances, we’re still human. We’re still people. We still have love. We still have fears. We still have deep needs and deep human needs, and for me, that was the most exciting thing to explore with her: Where’s the humanity in her? To me, it was that she actually loves deeply. She loves insanely and obsessively. And she… not falls in love with Sarah, but she does in a way. I don’t mean that in a sexual or romantic way, but she falls in love with Sarah and needs her deeply and feels this connection with her. Sarah awakens something in her, because she recognizes herself in her. - Tatiana Maslany


me when i have to present in class

Nikolaj Coster Waldau - The Other Woman - Deleted Scene ( x )

» all the writers of our favorite tv shows be like



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